Le design

Bcomp’s sustainable bio-based materials are extremely versatile and appealing to the eye. Therefore, it becomes possible to use the fabrics and composites in literally any design application one might think of. Unlimited possibilities to dye, form and generally exploit flax together with pleasant working conditions make the material extremely attractive for nowadays designers. Some special attributes like incredible acoustics or stiffness-to-weight ratio extend the opportunities even more towards music or consumer electronic industries.

Music industry

In addition to high specific stiffness, strength and outstanding damping properties, flax fibre composites provide an excellent acoustic performance. It is a unique, naturally looking material of choice perfect for musical instruments or speakers. One of the best application examples is California based company Blackbird Guitars, which introduced the world's first natural fibre composite concert-level ukulele called Clara and a natural fibre based contest winning guitar - El Capitan. They were both made from Bcomp's ampliTex® fabrics. With Clara and El Capitan, musicians get what was previously unobtainable - the experience of a vintage old-growth wood instrument in a lightweight, durable, and sustainable package. 

Consumer electronics

Bcomp's powerRibs technology is also entering consumer electronic sector. With the outstanding stiffness-to-weight ratio combined to the high damage tolerance and low carbon footprint, powerRibs composite material is a novel solution for industrial designers and architects for reaching the best performance in a sustainable way. We are constantly working with the leading consumer electronic brands to come up with fully bio-based thermoplastic solutions in order to influence the market and make our world a better place to live.


The range of natural fibre composite applications goes from shower decks, chairs or lamps, to luggage case shells, champagne bottle packaging and even watch parts. Bcomp is also entering orthopedic industry by developing bio-based prosthetics out of sustainable materials. Given the sheer endless design options offered by natural flax fabrics, there is hardly any limit but rather lots of space for imagination. Therefore Bcomp continuously fosters the creativity by providing high-level support to all the partners. Our team consists of structural, process and materials engineers. It allows us consider the interplay between material properties, performance, processing feasibility and large-scale manufacturing from the very beginning of the process. Thus we make sure that all ideas can turn into reality.

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