powerRibs® – composite reinforcement

High relevance due to less weight & cost

powerRibs® is an extremely light natural fibre composite reinforcement material showcasing outstanding performance in a sustainable way. It is designed to create a rib structure on one side of a thin-walled shell element, in order to triple flexural bending stiffness by adding minimal weight. Compared to other traditional composites, powerRibs® material also possesses excellent damping properties and offers a competitive price. Besides that, natural powerRibs® flax grid is friendly to the environment and has comparatively low rates of CO2 emission, water usage and embodied energy.


powerRibs® effect is inspired by leaf-veins. Instead of the nervures though, here at Bcomp we use flax fibre ribs to reinforce the structures. This leads to a “pseudo mini sandwich” concept, as no core material is involved. 

powerRibs® can be easily combined with flax, glass or carbon fibre fabrics. During the operation, the flax yarn placement is carefully controlled in order to obtain an application-specific mesh structure. The flax fibre quality, yarn thickness and twist are all tailored to reach optimum mechanical properties in the final composite part, which result in: 

  • tripling the flexural rigidity and buckling resistance; 
  • lowering environmental impact, cost and weight; 
  • increasing damping properties by 250% (see chart below).

Depending on the final application, two powerRibs® processing technologies are available:

  • a thermoplastic version for interior automotive parts and luggage shells; 
  • thermoset-based version for the production of automotive body and space parts.

powerRibs makes composites stiffer   less weight and cost with powerRibs