powerRibs™ – composite reinforcement

Superior performance & safety; decreased weight and cost

powerRibs™ is an extremely lightweight, high performance natural fibre composite reinforcement grid. The proprietary technology is inspired by leaf veins that give stiffness at minimum weight and is designed to create a rib structure on one side of a thin-walled shell element. Perfect for high-performance applications such as replacing or reinforcing carbon fibre in motorsport body part applications, as well as decreasing weight in automotive interior parts, it is a truly revolutionary technology.

Key benefits:
  • Tripled flexural bending stiffness
  •  Decreased weight, cost and environmental impact
  • Improved safety with enhanced crash behaviour
  • Increasing vibration damping properties by up to 250%
  • Can be combined with ampliTex™ technical fabrics, but can also be combined to other engineering materials, for example carbon fibre, glass fibre and aluminium to name a few.


The flax fibre quality, yarn thickness and twist are all highly engineered for optimal mechanical properties in the final composite part.

Thus, flexural bending stiffness can be tripled, which allows for decreased material use and increased performance. powerRibs™ can be combined with most standard engineering materials; in addition to our ampliTex™ technical fabrics, powerRibs™ also works excellent with carbon fibre, glass fibre and aluminium to name a few.

powerRibs™ can be used in different types of manufacturing:  

  • Thermoplastic with award-winning one-step back injection process for lightweight interior automotive parts
  • Thermoset with vacuum infusion for high-performance applications such as motorsport body parts, aerospace or space applications

powerRibs makes composites stiffer   less weight and cost with powerRibs