On the tarmac - lightweight motorsport bodywork and automotive interior parts

Motorsports - lightweight natural fibre body work

Lightweight natural fibre composites for high performance motorsport body parts with powerRibs™ and ampliTex™:

  • Up to 30% lighter with maintained performance
  • Improved safety without sharp shattering
  • Up to 30% more cost efficient

Motorsport is the innovation hub and technology platform for the future of mobility, but while motors, brakes, tyres etc. have developed massively – not much has happened in terms of lightweight materials for body parts since carbon fibres entered the stage more than 20 years ago.

Today is it possible to replace carbon fibres in body parts for motorsports with powerRibs™ reinforcements and ampliTex™ technical fabrics - safer, more cost efficient and with a lower eco footprint. Our highly engineered materials are now shooting for the stars in development projects in collaboration with the European Space Agency within the framework of the Clean Space initiative.

A few examples: 

Gillet Vertigo x Pike's Peak IHC II
Gillet Vertigo x Pike's Peak IHC 2018 driven by Vanina Ickx

Gillet Vertigo for Pike's Peak International Hill Climb

25 years ago, Tony Gillet was a trail blazer for carbon fibre body work. Now the Gillet Vertigo is celebrating its anniversary with a full flax body work in powerRibs™ and ampliTex™ – lightweight, no sharp shattering, and cost efficient in addition to a decreased eco footprint. 

EGT front Jaime closeup
EGT Tesla closeup front nakde Jaime de Diego

Electric GT and the Tesla-based EPCS Series 

Body works in high-performance, lightweight natural fibre composite in powerRibs™ and ampliTex™. Unique feature: thanks to the fibre translucency, the roof as a fully integrated LED screen that will show live-information during the races.


ALTER by DABMotors for Yamaha 

When designer Simon Dabadie wanted to build a truly outstanding bike for Yamaha Yard Built, the result was Alter with bodywork in ampliTex™. The ampliTex™ combines a high-end vintage look with the latest technology requirements: lightweight, sustainable – and perfect translucent look for DAB’s signature front light.

Award-winning lightweight automotive interiors

Lightweight, cost-efficient and safe automotive interior panels with powerRibs™ reinforcement grid.

  • Up to 40 % lighter than standard parts
  • Cost neutral
  • Decreased eco footprint – less material, less waste, more sustainable material

With an ongoing revolution towards cleaner mobility, lightweighting is more relevant than ever. In response, Bcomp has developed game-changing high-performance natural fibre composites, lightweight reinforcements from natural flax fibres to optimally target the mobility markets.

Specifically targeting automotive interiors, Bcomp’s proprietary powerRibs™ reinforcement grid increases stiffness, decreases weight, and reduces costs. Thanks to clever optimisation of mechanical and geometrical properties, less material is used, and waste reduced thus further reducing the eco footprint following the logic of dematerialisation. This means that for the typical automotive interior panel, the weight can be reduced by up to 40% when powerRibs™ are used to reinforce (Natural Fibre-Polypropylene (NFPP) non-wovens and other standard engineering materials.

The solutions have full industrial readiness for seamless implementation in top-modern production lines. In fact, the one-step back-injection process does not only include punching and attachment points but can also include the visual layer, e.g. ampliTex™ thus reducing the number of process steps and costs even further. Furthermore, safety is improved thanks to enhanced properties, and VOC (volatile components) levels are lower than with traditional engineering materials.

Bcomp’s solutions for automotive interiors have won several innovation awards such as JEC Innovation Awards, based on their unique performance-weight ratio and sustainability while being cost neutral to standard engineering materials.

High-profile first customers have given excellent proof of concept and include global OEMs for large-scale automotive interior parts and Tier 1’s.


Bcomp’s natural flax composite invention powerRibs™ is perfectly suitable for space applications. European Space Agency - ESA uses the technology in satellites and other conceptual developments due to its lightweight, incredible vibrations damping and easy processing.

Other natural fibre applications...