ampliTex™ - technical fabrics

Less weight and more strength in a sustainable and beautiful way

Bcomp ampliTex™ is a next-generation natural flax fibre novelty enabling innovative composite material solutions for various applications. It includes different technologies - non crimp, low twist, no twist, braids and ampliTex™ fusion.


Bcomp’s ampliTex™ is designed to serve several different purposes. Hence, it involves different technologies and offers diverse range of the products in order to adapt to all customer needs.

ampliTex™ non crimp material is perfectly aligned and does not crimp. Compared to glass fibres it cuts weight by 50% and increases damping properties by up to a factor 3, while showcasing the same composite performance. During the processing, the fibres of this tape-like flax are spread by the applied pressure, filling the open space between the rovings of the fabrics. Therefore the strength of the final composite part is increased by up to 20% compared to parts made out of standard flax yarn.

ampliTex™ low twist fabrics are ideal for surfboard construction or other complex composite parts. Due to the low density of natural fibres it is possible to cut down the weight of the required reinforcement material by 30% in contrast to glass fibres. In addition to that, ampliTex™ low twist fabrics offer a unique opportunity to simultaneously increase strength and damping properties by replacing some carbon fibre layers, thus increasing both the comfort and the safety for the end user. ampliTex™ surf - a white version of low twist flax fabrics was developed to avoid damage caused by sun exposure and provide with more freedom in optical design. Dark colors absorb all wavelengths of light and convert them into heat, so the object - for example a surfboard - gets warm and the applied surf wax melts. With ampliTex™ surf, this effect is prevented.

ampliTex™ braids is a great solution for any type of tubular, cylindrical shaped goods like sticks or poles. The braid fibre orientation is tailored specially to fit any required diameter in order to reach the best properties of the application. Thus, the material is perfect for making rackets, ski poles or packaging. Bcomp is also entering orthopedics and prosthetics markets with fully bio-based solutions, meaning that we are also developing bio-based resins, leading to completely sustainable composite materials.

Natural fibre composites embodied energy   Stiffness vs dampening of flax composites

ampliTex™ Non-crimp

The strongest and stiffest natural fibre composites on the market, that fit our highly automated manufacturing process.

ampliTex™ Low-twist

Lighweight they increase strength of the final composite part by 20% and guarantee optimal drapability.

ampliTex™ No-twist

Highier laminate stiffness due to low crimp weave as well as zero twist yarns.

ampliTex™ Fusion

Get the best of both worlds. Because high performance ampliTex natural fibers enhance carbon fiber properties.