Natural fibres

Tradition meets innovation

Natural fibres are defined as substances produced by plants and animals that can be spun into filament, thread or rope and further be woven, knitted, matted or bound. The most viable structural fibres typically derive from specifically grown textile plants and fruit trees. Flax is knows as one of the foundation crops of our modern civilization. Thus Bcomp managed to combine historical legacy with the most advanced top-notch technologies and start a green revolution where historical resources for most advanced technologies are used.Nowadays, natural fibres are more up-to-date than they have ever been, as they show outstanding mechanical properties and are 100% sustainable. Flax, jute and balsa are the natural fibres we chose as basic materials for our supreme products. Natural fibre composites with significant reduction in weight became a serious alternative to conventional composite materials like glass and carbon fibres.



Flax has the highest specific stiffness of all natural fibres. This is one of the advantages which made them base material for all our technologies at Bcomp.

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Balsa wood

A lightweight wood with exceptional strength is used for our bCores™ technology. So far it has convinced many skiers, snowboarders, surfers and may become the main material for your innovative wooden products.

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Natural fibre composites

We use natural fibres as a green replacement for conventional fibres. Bcomp technologies combine flax, jute and balsa with different matrixes.

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