Natural fibre company

Bcomp is a leading natural fibre composite innovator based in Fribourg, Switzerland

Our history dates back to 2003, when one of the founders produced the first fat powder skis on a carbon fibre base. Two ambitious engineers contacted him to improve the existing ski core structure and so it began...

Armed with plenty of endurance over infinite garage research nights and powder weekends, the friends developed novel composite technologies and discovered the advantages of natural fibres.This sparked the ideaof producing top-notch proficient sustainable products for the sports & leisure industry. Who would have known that later on the innovation would spread far out into fields such as automotive, acoustics, electronics and design.

Our mission at Bcomp is to “play naturally smart”


We believe that having fun is crucial to creativity and performance. Therefore, here at Bcomp we encourage freedom, leisure, sports, and hobbies, andw e respect the family time of both our male and female staff members. We wish to ensure that every employee wakes up with a smile on his or her face and heads to Bcomp to do the job they love with colleagues who are happy and admired. 


We seek to make our world a better place and help it enter a clean new age. Hence, we put all our effort, passion and energy into creating effective and sustainable products out of natural fibres. It is our choice to get involved in the circular economy and guarantee locally grown, renewable, recyclable natural fibre production, which is less harmful to the environment, people and our future.


We innovate bio-based materials into the most advanced technologies by acting smart on all levels of Bcomp processes. Our company teams up with scholars, laboratories and universities to develop novel material and resource-efficient solutions. This helps us achieve the best results and offer state of the art products to our partners and customers all around world.