Bcomp RSS Feedhttp://www.bcomp.chStay up to date with Bcomp's RSS Feeden-enbcompErgon conquers EUROBIKE with Bcomp saddlehttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/ergon-conquers-eurobike-with-bcomp-saddlehttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/ergon-conquers-eurobike-with-bcomp-saddleThu, 25 Aug 2016 10:48:04 +0100Ergon Bike Ergonomics presented its SR2 BioComp Concept Saddle for the first time at the EUROBIKE 2012 and was awarded the 1st price in the category “accessories” with its saddle sheet concept.Bcomp - best Swiss cleantech start-uphttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/bcomp---best-swiss-cleantech-start-uphttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/bcomp---best-swiss-cleantech-start-upThu, 25 Aug 2016 10:43:26 +0100Bcomp gets nominated as a best cleantech start up in Switzerland.Take a ride to JEC with powerRibs enabled BioMobilehttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/take-a-ride-to-jec-with-powerribs-enabled-biomobilehttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/take-a-ride-to-jec-with-powerribs-enabled-biomobileThu, 25 Aug 2016 10:36:24 +0100BioMobile is built with a brand new body frame concept made of bio-composites enabled by ampliTex® and powerRibs from Bcomp Ltd.Famous ski brands use Bcomp’s technologieshttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/famous-ski-brands-use-bcomps-technologieshttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/famous-ski-brands-use-bcomps-technologiesThu, 25 Aug 2016 10:31:59 +0100ISPO 2013 features ski brands collaborating with Bcomp: WHITEDOT, MOVEMENT, JONES SNOWBOARD, SKYLOTEC, DUPRAZ, FACTION...ECO superior kiteboardhttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/eco-superior-kiteboardhttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/eco-superior-kiteboardThu, 25 Aug 2016 10:28:57 +0100For the first time the benefits of natural fibers have been utilized to create a twintip kiteboard with Bcomp sustainable natural fibre materials. Bcomp presents powerRibs and bCores® technologies at 10th EIHA conferencehttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/bcomp-presents-powerribs-and-bcores-technologies-at-10th-eiha-conferencehttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/bcomp-presents-powerribs-and-bcores-technologies-at-10th-eiha-conferenceThu, 25 Aug 2016 10:25:39 +0100cYrille Boinay from Bcomp was presenting the powerRibs and bCores technologies during EIHA conference.Discover flax in the city with Bcomp and LINEN INCREDIBLE! http://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/discover-flax-in-the-city-with-bcomp-and-linen-incredible-http://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/discover-flax-in-the-city-with-bcomp-and-linen-incredible-Thu, 25 Aug 2016 10:16:19 +0100LINEN INCREDIBLE! Flax in the City provides an opportunity to discover the linen of our European countryside in an urban setting in Paris and Florence.World’s fastest human powered vehicle with ampliTex® and powerRibs insidehttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/worlds-fastest-human-powered-vehicle-with-amplitex-and-powerribs-insidehttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/worlds-fastest-human-powered-vehicle-with-amplitex-and-powerribs-insideThu, 25 Aug 2016 10:13:35 +0100ETH Project is to design and build the world´s fastest human powered vehicle CIEO by using Bcomp natural fibre materials.Bcomp soars towards spacehttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/bcomp-soars-towards-spacehttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/bcomp-soars-towards-spaceThu, 25 Aug 2016 10:11:25 +0100Bcomp was mandated by the Swiss Space Office to develop novel lightweight composite structures for space applications. ampliTex® plays ice hockey @ World Championshiphttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/amplitex-plays-ice-hockey-world-championshiphttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/amplitex-plays-ice-hockey-world-championshipThu, 25 Aug 2016 10:08:57 +0100The new HPC hockey stick from Composites Busch, made with Bcomp materials (flax braids) is now available on the market.Bcomp grabs Swiss Excellence product awardhttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/bcomp-grabs-swiss-excellence-product-awardhttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/bcomp-grabs-swiss-excellence-product-awardThu, 25 Aug 2016 10:06:22 +0100Bcomp receives the "Swiss Excellence Stiftung" for the powerRibs technology.Bcomp goes acoustichttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/bcomp-goes-acoustichttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/bcomp-goes-acousticThu, 25 Aug 2016 10:02:41 +0100California based Blackbird Guitars introduces the world's first natural fibre composites concert-level ukulele - named Clara - made from Bcomp's ampliTex® fabrics.First natural fibre paddles surprises with great performancehttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/first-natural-fibre-paddles-surprises-with-great-performancehttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/first-natural-fibre-paddles-surprises-with-great-performanceThu, 25 Aug 2016 09:58:13 +0100VE Paddles presented a performing paddle made of natural fibre composites, VE Paddles came out with a 100% flax-reinforced blade mounted on a standard fibreglass-reinforced shaft.In action with Faction: bCores® D200http://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/in-action-with-faction-bcores-d200http://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/in-action-with-faction-bcores-d200Thu, 25 Aug 2016 09:47:38 +0100The Candide Thovex superlight series ski models with bCores are being highly praised. Now in its second year, the Faction x Candide Thovex collaboration continues.Swing by @ JEC Europe and discover cutting-edge Bcomp’s developmentshttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/swing-by-jec-europe-and-discover-cutting-edge-bcomps-developmentshttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/swing-by-jec-europe-and-discover-cutting-edge-bcomps-developmentsThu, 25 Aug 2016 09:43:23 +0100JEC Europe is the worldwide largest composites show and Bcomp will be on place with a fresh booth in Hall 7.2 Booth D82. JEC show-offhttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/jec-show-offhttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/jec-show-offThu, 25 Aug 2016 09:43:07 +0100Bcomp presented its new 0/90° powerRibs fabrics at annual JEC. The technology allows designing thin-walled composite parts with a flexural stiffness-per-weight ratio equivalent to a pure carbon composite part.Yet Another two ISPO Gold Awards for Bcomphttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/yet-another-two-ispo-gold-awards-for-bcomphttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/yet-another-two-ispo-gold-awards-for-bcompThu, 25 Aug 2016 09:09:19 +0100Nearly 20 ski brands using Bcomp's technologies into their participated in ISPO awards. DPS and Earlybird each won gold. National & International glory 2014/2015http://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/national-international-glory-20142015http://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/national-international-glory-20142015Wed, 24 Aug 2016 14:16:42 +0100Bcomp was ranked as the best upcoming company within the sector "renewable energy" and 6th most promising start-up in Switzerland. Bcomp has also been selected as a National Champion representing Switzerland in the 2014/15 European Business Awards.Global ampliTex® exposurehttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/global-amplitex-exposurehttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/global-amplitex-exposureWed, 24 Aug 2016 14:10:07 +0100Products made out of Bcomp natural fibre materials, especially ampliTex and powerRibs, are conquering the worlds markets with new applications.Congrats to Bcomp’s academic partners for ampliTex® electric race carshttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/congrats-to-bcomps-academic-partners-for-amplitex-electric-race-carshttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/congrats-to-bcomps-academic-partners-for-amplitex-electric-race-carsWed, 24 Aug 2016 14:04:44 +0100The e-gnition team of students from the Technical University of Hamburg in Germany with the egn14-model won the "clean Mobility Award" within the Eco Design Category, while using Bcomp materials. Meet & Greet us @ JEC Americas 2015 in Houstonhttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/meet-greet-us-jec-americas-2015-in-houstonhttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/meet-greet-us-jec-americas-2015-in-houstonWed, 24 Aug 2016 12:20:24 +0100Bcomp features it's new developments and products at the JEC AMERICAS Composites Show and Techtextile North America which will be held in Houston, Texas. White flax in the blue roomhttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/white-flax-in-the-blue-roomhttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/white-flax-in-the-blue-roomWed, 24 Aug 2016 12:16:06 +0100The latest in innovative technologies from Bcomp sees a range of natural fibre fabrics launched for the construction of surfboards, and other boards designed for water sports.A fully recyclable bicycle saddle with ampliTex® fabricshttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/a-fully-recyclable-bicycle-saddle-with-amplitex-fabricshttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/a-fully-recyclable-bicycle-saddle-with-amplitex-fabricsWed, 24 Aug 2016 12:11:06 +0100Bcomp has collaborated with several academic partners to develop novel thermoplastic-flax prepregs. A bicycle saddle sheet was produced with a brand new coPOM-ampliTex preform.Bcomp invites you to Composites Europe in Stuttgarthttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/bcomp-invites-you-to-composites-europe-in-stuttgarthttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/bcomp-invites-you-to-composites-europe-in-stuttgartWed, 24 Aug 2016 11:06:57 +0100Bcomp stand at Composites Europe in Stuttgart on 22-24 September 2015. Hall 5, booth # F20K at Composites Europe in Messe.Dive Deep with ampliTex® Submarine Hull http://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/dive-deep-with-amplitex-submarine-hull-http://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/dive-deep-with-amplitex-submarine-hull-Wed, 24 Aug 2016 11:04:24 +0100A submarine hull made out of sustainable Bcomp natural fibre composite material gains international recognition.Bcomp’s potential in automotive industryhttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/bcomps-potential-in-automotive-industryhttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/bcomps-potential-in-automotive-industryWed, 24 Aug 2016 10:55:59 +0100With the official launch of the new generation of powerRibs in March, 2015 Bcomp has formally entered the race to introduce flax fibres as a high performance bio-based alternative in automotive components.Gold & Props for Bcomp products @ ISPOhttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/gold-props-for-bcomp-products-ispohttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/gold-props-for-bcomp-products-ispoWed, 24 Aug 2016 10:15:02 +0100Bcomp's products featured the annual largest sport show ISPO. Two of our customers won Gold awards with their products - LMS & Lonely Mountain Skis.Hublot & other Bcomp developments storm international fairshttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/hublot-other-bcomp-developments-storm-international-fairshttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/hublot-other-bcomp-developments-storm-international-fairsWed, 24 Aug 2016 10:08:40 +0100Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot presents its new flax composite watch series at the prestigious watch fair Baselworld in Basel in collaboration with Bcomp.Bcomp scores again: Best @ SEFhttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/bcomp-scores-again-best-sefhttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/bcomp-scores-again-best-sefWed, 24 Aug 2016 09:44:04 +0100Bcomp took over Swiss Economic Forum (SEF) Awards and got the most aspired prize as the best High-tech/Biotech company of the year 2016. Say Hi! to Joe from Blackbird guitarshttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/say-hi-to-joe-from-blackbird-guitarshttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/say-hi-to-joe-from-blackbird-guitarsTue, 23 Aug 2016 15:06:04 +0100Joseph Luttwak - the owner and founder of Blackbird Guitars and Lingrove Natural Composites he agreed to have a little chat with Bcomp and share his experiences, future goals and thoughts about the world to come.Green Power Partnership at JEC 2017http://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/green-power-partnership-at-jec-2017http://www.bcomp.ch/en/news/green-power-partnership-at-jec-2017Wed, 08 Mar 2017 11:08:33 +0100Bcomp and Electric GT partner to develop the most sustainable super car GT for the best US female race car driver.Bcomp newshttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/newshttp://www.bcomp.ch/en/newsTue, 26 Jul 2016 16:43:23 +0100New events featuring Bcomp, novel natural fibre applications and products